Legal Agreement

State of Texas, County of DALLAS

Limited Power of Attorney/Right of Assignment

KNOW ALL MEN BY THESE PRESENTS that I, (Assignor/Taxpayer) hereby make, constitute, and appoint TaxFree Shopping, Ltd. (Taxpayer representative), as my true and lawful attorney in fact for me and in my name, place and stead; for the following purposes only: To seek a refund of Texas Sales taxes for the periods of 01/01/2023 through 12/31/2033

This includes the right to request and receive any documentation on file with the Comptroller of Public Accounts and retailers in order to prove my right to a refund, to amend and sign any tax return(s) originally filed during these time periods, and to receive any and all information pertaining to my refund request. Modes of communication for requesting and receiving information may include telephone, e-mail, fax or mail. Also included is the right for TaxFree Shopping, Ltd to receive all refunds due me. By executing this Assignment, the Assignor affirms that the Assignor has neither previously claimed a refund nor taken a credit on a return for taxes that are subject of this Assignment, and further affirms that the Assignor will not claim a refund or a credit for those taxes in the future. Furthermore, the Assignor understands that the Comptroller may require both parties to provide documents or information necessary for the Comptroller to verify the validity of the refund claim and/or to transfer any verified amount to the Assignee. The Assignor/Taxpayer assigns all rights and interest to the tax refund herein described that the Assignor/Taxpayer may have to TaxFree Shopping Ltd. Assignor hereby assigns the Assignee the right to file a request for a refund and to receive the refund. Refund to be sent to my agent, TaxFree Shopping, Ltd, 1512 Crescent Dr. Ste 100, Carrollton, TX 75006

Agent Agreement

I hereby represent that all the merchandise for which I am requesting a Texas Sales Tax refund were purchases for export only. No goods were purchased for use in the United States. I hereby appoint TaxFree Shopping Ltd., its officers or representatives as my agents and attorneys-in-fact for the purpose of obtaining Texas Sales Tax refunds. I understand and agree that if the method of refund is by check or Paypal, TaxFree Shopping Ltd. will retain 35% of the Tax and $4.00 per physical store location as their fee. If the refund is made in cash the fee is 50% of the Tax. I understand that any receipt more than 30 days old when Export Certifications are issued will not be processed or retained by TaxFree Shopping Ltd. TaxFree Shopping Ltd. is not liable for refunds that expire due to the passage of time. I also understand that receipts that total less than $12.00 of Sales Tax per physical store location will not be processed or retained by TaxFree Shopping Ltd. TaxFree Shopping Ltd. is not responsible for retaining any receipts or documents for items not exported, disqualified or otherwise unused. The amount of the Sales Tax refund is not guaranteed. TaxFree Shopping Ltd. is not responsible for refunds from retailers that do not refund sales tax. The Texas State Comptroller allows retailers to make sales tax refunds but does not require them to do so. I understand that once an item is exported, the sale becomes final and the item may not be returned. I also understand that all exported items must leave the country with me or I must provide additional shipping documentation proving its departure from the United States. TaxFree Shopping Ltd. is not responsible for any additional charges or fees from financial institutions. Customers have one year from the date shown on the payment medium to claim their refund. Any unclaimed or uncashed refund payment after this time frame will be considered forfeited by the customer to TaxFree Shopping Ltd. I, the purchaser, have provided the following information and documentation required by law: passport, laser visa identification card, or foreign voter registration picture indicating foreign residency; produced the property and the original receipt for the property, the name and address of the place at which the property was purchased; the sales price, and quantity of the property; description of the property; tax paid on the property; date and time the property was purchased; the foreign country destination of the property (must be the foreign country in which the purchaser resides), location where the export will occur; the time and date of export and date and time the property is expected to arrive in the foreign country. I understand that tangible property not exported is subject to taxation under this chapter for which purchaser is liable, in addition to other possible civil and criminal penalties, for payment of an amount equal to the value of the merchandise if the purchaser improperly obtained a refund of taxes. I further understand that tangible personal property that has been previously been worn or otherwise used in Texas prior to export is also subject to taxation, and that the purchaser is liable in the same manner as above.

I understand that providing false information to a Customs Broker is a Class B misdemeanor.