TaxFree Shopping Retailer Information

Texas Retailers,

TaxFree Shopping would like to invite Texas Retailers to become a part of the largest Customs Broker in the state of Texas. With 13 refund centers across the state of Texas, and a network of 4,500 Preferred Participating Merchants, joining TaxFree Shopping is a great way to boost sales and relationships with international clientele.

Inclusion into TaxFree Shopping’s program is 100% free to Retailers as well as works as an incentive to international shoppers to purchase more, and become loyal customers. Preferred Participating Merchants are also added to the website as well as brochure (written in 10 different languages) which is distributed to countries all over the world; this free global marketing is just one more perk to joining TaxFree Shopping.

With 4,500 Preferred Participating Merchants, TaxFree Shopping boasts top-of-the-line customer service and care for our retailers and clients. We invite Retailers to look through our website to learn more about the amazing opportunities TaxFree Shopping has to offer. To receive more information on how to become one of TaxFree Shopping’s Preferred Participating Merchants, .