ATTENTION INTERNATIONAL TRAVELERS! Before leaving Texas and the United States, SAVE by receiving a refund of the Texas Sales Tax paid on your purchases made in Texas! International Visitors, to qualify for a Texas Sales Tax Refund the following documentation must be presented at any TaxFree Shopping Refund Center


TIP: Ask the retailer for a Duplicate Receipt on important purchases for your records. TaxFree Shopping MUST keep the original receipts in order to process your refund.

*** Multiple receipts from the same physical store location can be grouped together to make up the $10.00 minimum requirement. Organize your receipts to help speed processing. US Citizens & Residents exporting goods out of Texas & the USA are eligible for a Texas Sales Tax refund.

  • Documentation requirements may be different for US Citizens/Residents.
  • TaxFree Shopping Ltd, a Texas Customs Broker, will process your Texas sales receipts and refund your tax dollars, less our processing fee.
  • **Not all stores participate in our refund program. Please look at our Preferred Merchants List.

Listed below are the most frequently asked questions that we have received. If you have something that you don't see here, please feel free to email your questions to and we will get back to you with an answer as quickly as possible.



How will I receive my sales tax refund?
We offer three refund options. (1) A paper check that can be sent to you in your home country. You can also choose to have the check sent to another person anywhere in the world. (2) You can receive your refund by Electronic Funds Transfer via PayPal or (3) Instant Cash Refund if you are processing at an Instant Cash Location.

How soon will I receive my sales tax refund via check or PayPal?
Processing time is typically "90 to 120 days" under normal customer traffic conditions (number of applications submitted). The longer and more complex your refund or higher volumes of applications can extend this time. We also cannot control how quickly each store returns the refund back to us which can also affect the processing time.

Can my refund be put on my credit card?
No. We are currently unable to refund to credit cards.

How much is the processing fee for using this service?
The processing fee is 35% of the tax we are able to collect and $3.00 per physical store location if you choose the CHECK or PayPal option, or 50% of the tax for an Instant Cash Refund - please note that not all locations offer instant cash.

What is the minimum amount that qualifies for a sales tax refund?
The minimum is $10 of tax per store location. Receipts from the same store location may be combined together. For example, if you have two receipts from the Gap in Northpark Center for $5 of tax each they could be combined to make $10 of tax. However you cannot combine receipts from, for example, Gap Northpark with Gap Galleria.

Can I request a sales tax refund after I return home?
No, State Law requires you must request your refund before departing the USA.

When should I make my purchases?
Your purchases must be within 30 days of your departure date. TaxFree Shopping must also process your paperwork with the state of Texas within this same time period. Due to large volumes of travelers it is highly recommended that you make your purchases as close to the end of your visit as possible. Within the last two weeks is recommended. While this is not required it will help ensure that parts of your refund do not expire while waiting to be processed. TaxFree Shopping is not liable for any refunds that expire due to the passage of time.

Can my refund check be sent to someone in the United States?
Yes, we can send the check wherever and to whomever you like. Whether it be your brother in Seattle or your best friend in Taiwan all we need is your authorization.

What if my check did not arrive?
From time to time, checks do get lost in the mail, or perhaps we delayed your refund while we wait for a certain refund to arrive. Please send us an email at and we will be happy to let you know the current status of your refund. You must include the following information in your email: Your full name as it appears on your passport,Name of country that issued your passport,Passport Number,Date of your visit, and the application ID Number - this is number located below the BAR CODE

Your form asks for a home address, but what if I only have a PO Box mailing address?
The State of Texas requires us to have a physical home address for exportation records. Fill in your physical home address on page one then simply fill in the PO Box under the Alternate Payment Address section on page two of the forms.

Do I pay your processing fee up front?
There are no upfront fees of any kind. We deduct our processing fee from the refund check that we send to you. If we are unable to collect your refund, then no processing fee is charged. Or we will deduct our processing fee from the Instant Cash option.

Are Emailed, reprinted, or photocopied receipts eligible?
For purchases made in a retail store, no. Texas Law requires the original receipt for all purchased items.

Can I receive a sales tax refund for items bought in other states?
No, TaxFree Shopping Ltd. is licensed to handle Texas Sales Tax Only.

Are restaurant,hotel bills, or rental cars eligible for sales tax refund?
No, Texas state law holds that anything that is used or (consumed) while in Texas does not qualify for sales tax refund.

Do internet purchases qualify for Sales Tax Refund?
Yes. When applying for a refund for goods purchased over the Internet, purchasers must provide the shipping documentation or receipt enclosed in the package by the vendor. The shipping documentation or receipt should provide a description of the items purchased; clearly display the amount of Texas Tax collected on the sale; and indicate that the package was received by the customer in Texas. In the event that the shipping documentation included with the package does not include all of the information required, the customer may provide a receipt printed from a personal computer in addition to the shipping documentation provided by the seller.

What can I do if my favorite store does not participate?
Contact the store manager and let your wishes be known. Tell them you want them to participate in our program and have them contact us. Participation does not cost the store anything. They can either pay the Tax dollars to the State of Texas or refund the Sales Tax to you, their loyal customer.

What affects eligibility for a sales tax refund in Texas?
If an item is used in Texas, the item will lose its eligibility for a sales tax refund. For example: jewelry is eligible for a sales tax refund. However, if jewelry is worn during your visit to Texas, it loses its eligibility for a sales tax refund.

Is there a time limit on requesting a sales tax refund?
Yes, only purchases made within 30 days of your departure from Texas are eligible.

My store is not on your list but the sales person told me they would make the refund! Why can't you recover my taxes?
We deal with each company on the corporate level. No matter what the sales person promises you, the decision to refund the money ultimately rests with their corporate office. If you are planning to make a large purchase at a store that does not appear on our list please contact us first so we may attempt to get the store signed up before you purchase.

Are US Citizens / Residents eligible for this refund?
Yes, anyone is eligible for a Sales Tax refund as long as the purchased items are exported and proper exportation procedures are followed. The US Constitution Article 1 Section 9 Paragraph 5 guarantees "No Tax or Duty shall be laid on Articles exported from any State." Christmas gifts taken to family overseas or a US Citizen living abroad are good examples of qualifying situations.

What documents are required for a US Citizen?
A US Passport and boarding pass indicating you will be traveling outside the territorial limits of the United States. These documents must be presented on the day of departure and verified at Dallas Fort Worth International Airport Terminal D, or George Bush Intercontinental Airport Terminals D & E ( IAH).